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A Guide to Mold Damage Restoration

If you discover mold or have a professional find mold in your home, there are many steps that need to be taken to properly eliminate it. You can’t just topically clean and remove it since mold can spread quickly and can grow on and into most surfaces. We’ll briefly provide you with a guide to mold damage restoration so that you know what to expect during the process.

In situations where there is damage to flooring or walls, we can remove the mold and materials that have mold. However, you’ll generally need to hire a third party contractor to come in and rebuild following the removal.

You’ll want to have new materials to replace old and moldy parts of your home. This process of restoration will require decisions about what materials to use. It is highly recommended that you select materials that will be more resistant to mold growth in the future.

Mold damage restoration is very thorough. We understand how mold grows and want to do everything we can to get rid of it and to prevent it from returning. Dependent on the cause of mold growth, you may need other parts of your home to be fixed, such as your roof, the gutters, seals in entryways, and windows, etc. You may also need to add better ventilation and set specific humidity controls in areas that are prone to being damp.

Our mold damage restoration services are based on years of training and experience. For more information, reach out to us today.