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Best Tips for Flood Damage Cleanup

Unfortunately, flooding happens far too frequently. There are so many different ways that water is used in homes and so many different issues that could lead to water where it shouldn’t be. Flooding can also be caused by heavy storming when it rains so much that the water table is above the level of entryways into your home.

Here are the best tips for flood damage cleanup:

  • If the flooding is caused by an appliance or broken pipe, shut off your water immediately.
  • If you live in an area prone to flooding from storms, purchase sand bags or other materials for soaking up water and store with any other emergency preparedness items you have.
  • Use towels and anything else you can throw in the wash later to soak up water right away.
  • Block off where the water is moving so that it can’t seep into more areas of your home.
  • Call us right away so that we can rush over with our equipment to start flood damage cleanup as soon as possible. The less time water has to soak into carpet, carpet padding, wood floors, etc., the less damage it can cause.

We are properly trained to provide expert flood damage cleanup services. There are specific protocols and procedures we follow to ensure that your home is thoroughly cleaned. If you want to know more, give us a call today!