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Water DamageThey say better to be safe than sorry, and when it comes to fire and water damage in your house, that adage is doubly true. A fire can be devastating enough, and a shock, but what do you do when the fire’s been put out and the water damage from fire hoses has started to set in?

That’s when you call us. We will:

  1. Assess smoke damage and take steps to remove its stains and odor.
  2. Assess water damage and execute a plan to clean and dry floors and carpets.
  3. Look for mold and potentially moldy areas, and clean and sterilize them.
  4. Monitor the mold and smoke in the air, and let you know when to return to your building.
  5. Help you decide what to salvage, and what has been too compromised to keep.

These are just a few of the things we can help you with after a fire or any type of flood, and we hope you’ll do yourself a favor and call us. There are many pitfalls in fire and water damage, and we are committed to helping you avoid them. We are certified to help you with many more potential problems in your home, but our ultimate goal is to keep you from needing us, so we try to be available all day, every day, in order to make owning a home or business as stress-free as possible. Let us worry about the fire and water damage on your property, so you don’t have to!