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A store bought carpet stain remover may be useful in a handful of situations, and when soil has not yet set into the flooring, but it all too often falls short. Retail products are not powerful enough to handle the worst soiling conditions, and can sometimes actually make the problem worse.  Occasionally carpeting will discolor after being exposed to certain chemicals, or with age. Store bought solutions will typically be useless in these situations.

Food, pet urine and feces, blood, ink and chemicals like bleach are all common sources of discoloration, and they all respond differently to conventional methods of cleaning. If a person responds right away with a carpet stain remover, they may be able to get some food and drink spills out of the fibers. However, some foods, like chocolate or ketchup, can actually spread and set in the fibers when exposed to warm water and cleaning solutions. This is also common when trying to take out blood or ink, as both soak into the flooring fibers like dye. It’s best to leave these soils to professionals, as they have access to products that remove biological matter and get rid of it entirely. This not only promotes better cleanliness, but also better health. Discoloration due to chemical damage or age will also have to be addressed by a professional, as restoration may require dyeing the fibers, a delicate process that can cause severe damage if not done correctly.

It’s tempting just to unload an entire bottle of over the counter cleaner when facing a tough stain, but save yourself the backache and frustration. A professional can get rid of the problem thoroughly and complete the job in a relatively short time.

Source: IICRC