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When any home or business owner is in need of carpet cleaning, the price can vary depending on the company and level of service they choose. Like many such industries, there is no universal fee that is easily calculated for the customer. Every customer’s depth of needed service varies, so it is essential to get numerous estimates prior to hiring any one company. In the process, the customer can screen for variations in quality and type of treatments available, as well as the additional services available.

A reputable company will determine the best method to be used based on the carpet fibers and level of soiling. The steam method is common as it uses hot water and a cleansing solution to penetrate the fibers and release any dirt buildup. Once completed, the flooring is typically usable within a day. Some customers prefer the dry, encapsulation method for its quick dry time, but this method may extract less dirt than the former.

The actual carpet cleaning price is typically determined either on a “per room” basis, or by the amount of square footage. While the “per room” approach typically uses a flat fee for each room, the “square footage” method requires a technician to visit the property to obtain measurements and provide an accurate quote.

The cost of having your carpet cleaned can increase depending on the need for any add-on services. Some companies may provide furniture moving and minor stain removal, but when either is more involved the cost may increase. Other services that may add to the bottom line include color repair, large stain treatment, upholstery care, and scotch guarding.

Locating a company that will provide quality service for a competitive carpet cleaning price is not always easy, but the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) provides a database of qualified and approved providers. Prior customer referrals are also priceless as they have firsthand experience of the anticipated services. For a comprehensive list of IICRC-certified firms, visit the IICRC’s website.

Source: IICRC