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Mold TestingMold can grow with frightening speed, and its influence on your health can be scarily wide-ranging and uncomfortable. Mold can also grow in hard-to-see places, so a professionally certified eye is very necessary. Let us help you with mold testing and removal, so you and your family can be safe and healthy. Even if you feel capable of collecting mold samples yourself, please call us instead of taking a risk, so we can bring our familiarity with testing practices and guidelines to your rescue.

One day you might want to sell a property, and you’ll be required to certify that building as mold-free, so you’ll need our expertise before you place your property on the market. The Environmental Protection Agency does not yet have federal guidelines for mold testing and removal, so it is up to you, the homeowner, to contract and work with skilled professionals to find and prevent mold growth.

Mold can grow just about anywhere, so think of it as a treasure hunt, in which the prize is the health of you and your family. Controlling moisture is the way to go, so we’ll help you decide whether a surface should be carpeted or left bare, and what kind of insulation should be placed where, until every possible precaution has been taken. Then, if there are areas where mildew and mold grow persistently, our mold testing and removal service technicians will advise you and get rid of visible mold and its habitat. Call us any time, and we’ll happily help you safeguard your home from mold!