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Water DamageWhen you find water damage in your home, you might not think it’s that big of a deal and put off getting it fixed. While the damage might not be that bad at the beginning, there are a few big reasons why you should get it taken care of as soon as possible:

  1. The leak probably won’t stop on its own—In most cases, water leaks don’t magically stop on their own. In fact, they usually continue to get worse, meaning that they cost more to repair than if the problem was fixed after it was initially discovered.
  2. Severe structural damage can occur—When a water leak is left to its own devices, it can significantly damage your home. For example, if you have a leak in the second-story bathroom of your home, the floor might become so weak due to the infiltration of the water that your ceiling collapses into the room below.
  3. Mold might start to grow—When water damage develops, the area that surrounds it might not drain the moisture, and the water will continue to accumulate. Not only can this lead to severe structural damage, but it can also create a breeding ground for mold.

Although you can detect some water leaks, others can develop quickly and wreak havoc on your property. When this happens, you can rest easy knowing that our team here at AdvantaClean of the Capital Region will be here to help you clean up the water damage.