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Smoke Damage Restoration, Harrisburg, PA

Our smoke damage restoration services in Harrisburg, PA can give your home safe and clean air once again.

Smoke Damage RestorationSmoke damage restoration is part of our fire damage restoration process. It is not enough to remove the water from the fire department’s efforts, or to remove the materials that have been damaged by fire. It is important to get the odors and potential toxins cleaned from the air that were released during the fire. Each material in your home or business property expels smoke when it is burning, with some types of smoke being more hazardous than others. The residual effect of smoke can permeate a home for months if not cleaned properly, even with just a small fire. Don’t risk your family’s health when our smoke damage restoration services can give your home safe and clean air once again.

Where there is fire, there is smoke – but where there is smoke, there isn’t always a fire. That doesn’t mean that smoke damage restoration is any less important when there wasn’t a fire than when there was. Even smoke that originates from chemicals or electrical shorts can harbor toxins that can be hazardous to be around—not to mention the horrible smell! Rather than take the chance of causing yourself or your family respiratory issues, give us a call at AdvantaClean of the Capital Region. Our smoke damage restoration team will safely remove the smoke from your property and deodorize it so you would never guess you had a fire or another smoky situation. You can trust us for a healthy home and business!

We are a locally owned and operated company serving Harrisburg, PA and the surrounding communities. If you would like more information about smoke damage restoration or any of our other services, give us a call today. We offer 24-hour response for emergencies.



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