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Smoke Odor Control, Harrisburg, PA

Want a free quote with your smoke odor control in the Harrisburg, PA area?

Smoke Odor ControlCleaning up after a fire in your commercial or residential building isn’t an easy task. Not only do you have to deal with soot and damaged property, but you are also left with a strong smoke odor that is hard to eliminate. Not only is the smell unpleasant, but breathing in smoke can also cause damage to your lungs and lead to potential health problems. You may also notice a smoke odor in your home after moving into a new place where smokers have lived previously.

At AdvantaClean of the Capital Region, we are here to help with smoke odor control in the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area. Our experienced technicians offer solutions that eliminate the smell completely, giving you a clean and safe atmosphere where you can breathe more easily. There are multiple factors that impact how severe the smell is within your property. If there was a larger fire, more smoke is produced, which leads to a strong odor. If the smell is caused by smokers, it can be more difficult to remove if they smoked for a long period of time because the odor becomes embedded in porous materials throughout the space. Burned materials also leave different smells, such as burned plastic vs. wood.

Our restoration specialists will come to your property to determine the next steps for smoke odor control. We will take all of the necessary steps to aid in smoke odor control and provide you with better indoor air quality.


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