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Mold Testing, Hershey, PA

Mold testing is especially important after any type of water damage on your Hershey, PA property.

Mold TestingTesting for the presence of mold can be challenging. Because of the nearly universal presence of spores in the atmosphere and ambient air around us, mold spores in the air are only problematic if there are above-average levels in the air inside your home or business. Mold testing focuses on identifying the levels of mold in the interior air, as well as places that those spores could land, colonize, and grow.

Mold testing is especially important after any type of water damage. Water damage can occur as the result of storm damage, flooding, the aftermath of a fire, high humidity, or a basement or crawlspace with poor ventilation. The presence of extra moisture, shelter from light, and a food source like cellulose combine to give mold spores the perfect place to call home. Since various types of high-cellulose materials like wood, sheetrock, and other materials are used widely in construction, mold testing can detect the presence of mold that has begun to colonize and grow out of sight within the structure. Early detection is key in remediation of any mold growth and prevention of future growth.

At AdvantaClean of the Capital Region, we serve Hershey, PA and the surrounding areas in all of their mold testing, air quality, and fire and smoke restoration needs. We believe educated consumers are better able to make the right choice for themselves, their families, and their businesses, so we work to educate our clients in all aspects of home air quality. The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority, and no matter the hour, we’re available to help you from the moment you discover any type of damage or problem that could impact your health and the health of those around you.

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